Chercheurs postdoctoraux Banting 2022-2023




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Adams, Claire
Photo utilisée avec la permission de : Hôpital général juif
Université McGill Recherche en santé Patient Engagement in Health Research: Enhancing Knowledge and Practice

Beggs, Megan
Photo utilisée avec la permission de : ©Tory Zimmerman, SickKids
Hospital for Sick Children (Toronto) Nutrition Trace element intakes and requirements for optimizing neurodevelopment of preterm infants

Bele, Sumedh
University of Oxford (England) Recherches sur les services de santé Value-based Healthcare Delivery in Post-Hand-Surgical Care: Leveraging Ecological Momentary Computerised Adaptive Testing (EMCAT) Platform to Implement Patient-Reported Outcome Measures

Boudreault, Simon
University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia) Virologie Involvement of cellular alternative splicing in the oncolytic potential of viruses for cancer therapy

Crockett, Leah
University of Manitoba Recherche en santé Implementing strategies to improve pediatric readiness in Manitoba emergency departments: a randomized-control trial (RCT)

Erwood, Steven
Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard (Cambridge, MA) Biologie moléculaire Mutation-specific directed evolution of CRISPR-Cas prime editors in human cells

Faust, Lena
Photo utilisée avec la permission de : Raphaël Farnault
London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (UK) Santé des populations Estimating tuberculosis infection and active tuberculosis prevalence, incidence, and time to diagnosis in Peru's largest men's and women's prisons

Furlan, Giacomo
Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute (Toronto) Reproduction - Grossesse Intergenerational epigenetic impact of environmental stress during mammalian development

Han, Seong Jun
Harvard Medical School (Boston, Massachusetts) Vieillissement Age-associated metabolic regulation of anti-tumor immunity

Jacobs, Grace
The Brigham and Women's Hospital, Inc. (Boston) Imagerie Using normative modelling to investigate how individual deviations in white matter brain structure are related to longitudinal psychotic and non-psychotic outcomes in individuals at clinical high risk for psychosis

Khan, Faizan
Photo utilisée avec la permission de : The Ottawa Hospital
University of Calgary Recherche sur les services de santé Quantifying the balance of benefits and harms of intravenous thrombolysis for acute ischemic stroke in patients taking direct oral anticoagulants

Liao, Calwing
Massachusetts General Hospital (Boston) Génomique, Protéomique Et Bio-informatique Identification of common and rare genetic risk factors for bipolar disorder

Manoranjan, Branavan
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (New York) Cancer Glutamate excitotoxicity drives neurological death in leptomeningeal metastasis

McGrath, Joshua
Weill Cornell Medical College (New York, NY) Immunologie - Transplantation Using LIBRA-seq to identify broadly-reactive influenza antibodies in human respiratory tissues for translation into novel monoclonal therapeutics

Mellor, Andrea
University of Victoria (British Columbia) Dimensions sociétales et culturelles de la santé Strengthening safety nets to improve access to substance use and mental health services to optimize youth-determined health and wellness

Monteith, Hiliary
McMaster University Influences de l'environnement sur la santé Tionhnhéhkwen: Co-Creation of healthy pathways for diabetes management and water security

Patel, Herry
Photo utilisée avec la permission de : Kelly Correa
University of California (San Diego) Santé mentale Neurobiology as a Mechanism Explaining Variability in the Pathway from Childhood Adversity to Problematic Substance Use

Patel, Parasvi
Massachusetts General Hospital (Boston) Cancer Targeting ATR to exploit the genomic instability during the epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition and prevent metastasis

Qin, Wanhai
University of Calgary Recherche en santé The function and regulation of tissue resident alveolar macrophages turnover by host and environmental factors during homeostasis and in infections

Richard, Jeremie
Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, Maryland) Santé mentale Psilocybin-Assisted Psychotherapy for the Treatment of Addictive Behaviors

Rosenbloom, Brittany
Photo utilisée avec la permission de : Tory Zimmerman
Hospital for Sick Children (Toronto) Psychosociale - Santé comportementale Co-design of a pediatric chronic post-surgical pain risk (PAIN-RISK) measure

Ross, Stephanie
University of Calgary Muscle, os ou articulation Identifying therapeutic targets and testing novel treatments to improve muscle function in children with Cerebral Palsy

Wang, Zongjie
Northwestern University (Illinois) Cancer Non-invasive isolation and expansion of polyclonal tumor-reactive lymphocytes from peripheral blood for cancer immunotherapy

Wiesman, Alex
Université McGill Système nerveux Compensatory versus pathological effects of aberrant brain rhythms in Parkinson's disease
Nom Établissement d'accueil Discipline Titre du projetNote en bas de page 2

Alizadeh, Mohammad Reza
University of British Columbia Sciences De La Terre - Sciences De L'Atmosphère Impact of Compound Climate Extremes on Canadian Food Security

Antwi-Danso, Jacqueline
Photo utilisée avec la permission de : Samuel Falade, Heritage Photography and Art
University of Toronto Physique et astronomie - Astronomie et astrophysique “Impossibly Early” Galaxies: Searching for the Most Massive Galaxies in the Distant Universe

Cao, Yiqi
Memorial University of Newfoundland Génie biomédical, civil et mécanique - Génie environnemental Developing a sustainable degrade-sequestrate (DS) bioreactor to simultaneously treat marine oily wastewater and capture CO2 in the Arctic and Northern Atlantic Oceans

Charlton, Jesse
University of British Columbia Biologie végétale et animale - Kinésiologie Exploration and exploitation. A stimulus-response model of movement variability and motor adaptation during human ambulation.

Chen, Melissa
Photo utilisée avec la permission de : Leah Fulton
University of British Columbia Evolution et écologie - Ecologie microbienne Identifying ecological and evolutionary patterns of pathogenicity and protection in wild rhizosphere communities

Daisley, Brendan
University of Guelph Evolution et écologie - Ecologie microbienne Targeting the honeybee microbiome to support pollinator health and sustainable crop management in agroecosystems

DiCecco, Liza-Anastasia
Photo utilisée avec la permission de : Paulina Rzeczkowska
Pennsylvania State University Sciences de l'espace et des matériaux - Génie chimique, biomédical Structural Dynamics of Pandemic Pathogens Using Liquid-Electron Microscopy

Foo, Joshua
University of Waterloo Physique et astronomie physique Understanding the Quantum Physics of Spacetime

Hamzehpoor, Ehsan
Photo utilisée avec la permission de : Yeganeh Habibi
University of British Columbia Chimie physique Molecular cage-based 3D-covalent organic frameworks via orthogonal chemistry

Hébert, Marie-Pier
University of Vermont Evolution et écologie - Ecologie aquatique - Limnologie Ecological consequences of warming winters and ice loss on lake communities in the Northern Hemisphere

Ishiguro, Soh
University of British Columbia Génie chimique, biomédical - Sciences Des Matériaux A high-throughput technology to decipher quantitative developmental trajectories in mouse embryogenesis

Khan, M. Shehryar
Photo utilisée avec la permission de : Huda Mohammed
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Génie chimique, biomédical et des sciences des matériaux Unlocking the secrets of defect-free dissimilar bonding of structural materials: dynamic recrystallization achieved through laser-induced high-velocity microparticle impact to produce nanocrystalline grain structures at the joining interface

Lee, Stephen
École Polytechnique de Montréal Science et technologie des matériaux - Génie Chimique, Biomédical Dynamic ultrasound localization microscopy: mapping cerebral stalling dynamics in ischemic stroke

Luppi, Andrea
Photo utilisée avec la permission de : Marc Bourgeois
McGill University Psychologie - Neuroscience comportementale Computational modelling of synergistic information in artificial and biological neural networks

Moradikashkooli, Farshad
Toronto Metropolitan University Biomédical et sciences des matériaux Ultrasound-Activated Anticancer Nano-Sized Drug Delivery Systems: Theoretical and Experimental Studies

Olifer, Leonid
University of Alberta Physique et astronomie Quantifying Extreme Space Weather Hazards: Space Radiation and Impacts on Earth’s Atmosphere and Climate

Pearlman, Aaron
McGill University Physique et astronomie - Astronomie et astrophysique Pinpointing the Origins of Fast Radio Bursts

Roberts, Ian
Photo utilisée avec la permission de : Ashley Bemis
University of Waterloo Physique et astronomie - astronomie et astrophysique Star Formation Quenching in Galaxy Clusters

Saraswati, Saraswati
University of Waterloo Sciences de La terre et du sol Will rewetting Canada’s degraded peatlands help mitigate climate warming? Using microcalorimetry to advance the predictive understanding of carbon dioxide and methane release during peat soil organic matter decomposition

Scott, Catherine
McGill University Evolution et écologie - Écologie animale Spiders in food webs: how does predation on insect pests and pollinators affect crop yieldsn

Terra, Julio
École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne Génie chimique et biomédical - Science Et Technologie Des Matériaux Templated atomic layer deposition: designing bifunctional nanocatalysts for the low-temperature upgrading of lignin

Wang, Erika Yan
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Génie chimique, biomédical - Sciences Des Matériaux A Hybrid Polymeric System for Programmed Drug Release after Myocardial Infarction

Ying, Binbin
Photo utilisée avec la permission de : Department of Mechanical Engineering, MIT
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Génie biomédical civil et mécanique e-GLUE: Innovating electroadhesive hydrogels for prolonged gastrointestinal mucosal retention
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Andrews, Evan
Memorial University of Newfoundland Gestion de l'environnement Exploring an Anticipatory Governance Framework for Small-Scale Fisheries in Sustainable and Equitable Oceans

Camponeschi, Chiara
York University Santé environnementale Turning Moments of Crisis into Moments of Care: An Integrative Approach to Climate Resilience and Planetary Health

Christoffersen, Ashlee
Photo utilisée avec la permission de : Cat Carabin
York University Études de politiques publiques Operationalizing Intersectionality: Equality policy and NGOs

Da Costa, Jade
University of Guelph Développement communautaire Beyond The Pandemic: A Grassroots Exploration of Food Justice in the Era of COVID-19

Delsol, Nicolas
Université Laval Archéologie environnementale RADAR - Recherches Archéogénétiques sur la Domestication aux Amériques

Deneault, Audrey-Ann
University of Calgary Psychologie de l'enfant et de l'adolescent How do mothers and fathers support children’s socio-emotional development in 21st century families?

Dubus, Zoe
University of Saskatchewan Histoire de la psychologie Pioneering women of psychedelics: a historical examination of gender and psychedelic psychotherapy

Earhart, Becky
Photo utilisée avec la permission de : Lisa Kwan Images
Brock University Psychologie de l'enfant et de l'adolescent The Development of Destination Memory: Exploring Social and Cognitive Influences using Applied Paradigms

Elnakouri, Abdo
Photo utilisée avec la permission de : J. Hans
Northwestern University - Illinois Psychologie sociale Ties that blind? Exploring the role of close ingroup relationships in political animosity

Friedman, Rachel
University of Victoria Ressources naturelles, Environnement, Énergie Understanding the Social and Environmental Impacts of Food Imports to Inform Canada’s Foreign Corporate Accountability Policy in Three Key Commodities

Graham, Nicolas
The University of British Columbia Environment Constructing Clean Growth in Canada: Networks, Discourse and Media

Khan, Nasir
University of Guelph Planification rurale Social Inequality and Climate Crisis: Understanding Adaptation to Climate Change in the South Asian Caste System

MacLachlan, Janna
Qaujigiartiit Health Research Centre Enfants, Famille Exploring and conceptualizing a service delivery model grounded in Inuit knowledge for women and child victims of violence in Nunavut

Martin, Mackenzie
Photo utilisée avec la permission de : University of Alberta, Office of the Registrar 2017
McMaster University Enfants, Famille A Spotlight on Parenting Program Equity in Canada: What Programs are Delivered, to Whom, and with What Impact?

Morriet, Oriane
Université du Québec à Montréal Arts médiatiques Scénariser le virtuel grâce aux machines : L’écriture des oeuvres de réalité étendue à base d’intelligence artificielle

Mowatt, Morgan
University of Victoria Pensée politique et théorie politique Addressing Canada’s jurisdictional impasse: The role of Indigenous authorities

Musiwa, Anthony
McMaster University Systèmes de santé et société Fatherhood and male participation in antenatal care in rural Zimbabwe: Towards equitable and culturally safe policies and practice

Robert, Martin
(pas de photo)
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine Histoire de la médecine Making Medical Education in Empires, c. 1760s-1860s

Sangiuliano, Anthony
Photo utilisée avec la permission de : Samantha Shantz
University of Toronto Philosophie du droit The Philosophical Foundations of Social Justice Tort Law: Private Obligations, Public Values, and the Separation of Powers

Schott, Nicole
Memorial University of Newfoundland Autre Travail social “Eating Disorder” Treatment, Recovery and Survival: Sharing, Gathering and Co-Creating Research-Informed Mad Art

Sun, Xin
The University of British Columbia Apprentissage des langues How Bilingual Experience with Chinese Shapes Children’s “English Brain”

Unrau, Melanie
University of Regina Autres études environnementales Poetry and Poetics of Energy Transition

Walker, Alexander
Brown University Psychologie sociale Flexible learning of relational information in complex social networks
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