Chercheurs postdoctoraux Banting 2021-2022




Nom Établissement d'accueil Discipline Titre du projetNote en bas de page 2

Burn Aschner, Clare
Photo utilisée avec la permission de : Hospital for Sick Children/Diogenes Baena
Hospital for Sick Children (Toronto) Biochimie Harnessing a potent multi-affinity antibody platform to inhibit malaria infection

Carducci, Bianca
Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, Maryland) Nutrition Exploring the double burden of malnutrition in children and adolescents in Low- and middle-income countries through the food system: a mixed-methods approach

Closson, Kalysha
Photo utilisée avec la permission de : Paul H. Joseph for UBC's Public Scholars Inititiative
University of California (San Diego) Dimensions sociétales et culturelles de la santé Identifying, developing, and testing strength-based measures of sexual and relationship norms to advance gender equity and health by, with, and for youth

Cyr, Marie-Pierre
University of Queensland (Brisbane, Australia) Muscle, os ou articulation Unravelling the underlying mechanisms of male chronic pelvic pain to develop personalized management

Day, Emily
Trinity College Dublin Biochimie Investigating the role of Itaconate in the Immunomodulatory effects of exercise

Dilliott, Allison
Université McGill Génétique Leveraging large-scale sequencing to identify and validate genetic influences of movement disorders

Dionne, Ugo
Sinai Health System (Toronto) Biologie moléculaire In-depth characterization of signalling condensates and cancer-driven phase separation using proximity-dependent biotinylation

Funk, Anna
Photo utilisée avec la permission de : Britton Ledingham
University of Calgary Procréation - Grossesse Outcomes of pregnant women and infants with SARS-CoV-2 vaccine and infection exposure

Garneau, Alexandre
Photo utilisée avec la permission de : Alex Tran
Université de Paris (France) Métabolisme - Diabète Tackling overgrowth syndromes through precision medicine

Germann, Jurgen
Toronto Western Hospital Gériatrie Leveraging neuroimaging and machine learning to optimize fornix Deep brain stimulation for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease

Ghovanloo, Mohammad-Reza
Photo utilisée avec la permission de : DGS Photographer
Yale University (Connecticut) Système nerveux Novel high throughput functional approach to investigate the cellular basis of sex-dependent differences in chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy (CIPN) in primary dorsal root ganglia (DRG) and using cannabidiol (CBD) as a potential molecular treatment against CIPN-induced allodynia

Halladay, Jillian
Photo utilisée avec la permission de : Ethan Andrews
University of Sydney (N.S.W., Australia) Santé mentale Understanding and preventing the co-occurrence of substance use and mental health problems among youth

Kent, Alexandra
University of British Columbia Dimensions sociétales et culturelles de la santé Advancing anti-colonial implementation science and knowledge translation with the Xacqanal itkinil (many ways of working on the same thing) research team

Lake, Stephanie
University of California (Los Angeles) Rés. Psychosociale - santé comportementale Towards safe and effective cannabinoid-based pain management: A study of biological, psychosocial, and behavioural influences

Lariviere, Sara
The Brigham and Women's Hospital, Inc. (Boston) Imagerie Localization of epilepsy networks from atrophy patterns

Lithgow, Karen
University of Calgary Bactériologie Proteolytic remodelling of uterine tissues as a trigger of infection-induced preterm labour

Moss, Stephana
University of Pittsburgh Médecine de soins intensifs A multi-center, randomized controlled efficacy trial of a scalable family support intervention to support surrogate decision-makers of older critically ill adults

Scime, Natalie
University of Toronto Procréation – Grossesse Pregnancy complications and incidence of autoimmune disease in women during the reproductive and midlife years: A population-based cohort study

Turner, Mandy
Photo utilisée avec la permission de : Lynel Jackson
The Brigham and Women's Hospital, Inc. (Boston) Cardiovasculaire Uncovering the potential of therapeutic osteoclastogenesis in calcific cardiovascular disease through characterization of EV-mediated macrophage-smooth muscle cell communication

van de Wouw, Marcel
University of Calgary Santé mentale Stress resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic – understanding the role of the prenatal and early life gut microbiome on neurodevelopmental and mental health outcomes.

Vincent, Kathleen
Massachusetts General Hospital Vieillissement Dopaminergic circuits in age-related postoperative delirium

Wainberg, Michael
Centre de toxicomanie et de santé mentale (Toronto) Génétique Understanding the role of rare genetic variation in neuropsychiatric disease

Wong, Jessica
University of Ontario Institute of Technology Muscle, os ou articulation Innovative approaches to reduce the burden of unmet rehabilitation needs in older adults with back pain: identifying determinants and health inequities, developing and validating a population risk tool, and monitoring effective delivery of rehabilitation services
Nom Établissement d'accueil Discipline Titre du projetNote en bas de page 2

Aubry-Wake, Caroline
Universiteit Utrecht Sciences de la Terre - Hydrologie Hidden but not forgotten: Understanding the importance of groundwater in the Himalayan water cycle

Chen, Xinli
University of Alberta Évolution et écologie - Écologie terrestre The role of plant and soil microbial diversity in regulating soil carbon and nutrient cycling

Cherukupally, Pavani
Photo utilisée avec la permission de : Vikram Kale
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Génie civil et mécanique - Génie de l'environnement Antimicrobial sponges for wastewater disinfection

Dang, Kha Han Lisa
Photo utilisée avec la permission de : Ashutosh Gupta
Université de Montréal Physique et astronomie - Astronomie et astrophysique Into the origin of planets via atmospheric characterization: exoplanets as context for understanding the solar system history

Diaz, Diego
Harvard University Chimie - Chimie Organique Designing Novel Hydrogen-Bond-Donor Catalysts for Intermolecular Nitrogen Delivery

Funston, Gregory
Royal Ontario Museum Évolution et écologie Did the meek inherit the earth? The role of life history as a filter in the selective survival of mammals during the end-Cretaceous extinction

Harroun, Scott
École Polytechnique de Montréal Génie chimique, biomédical et des sciences des matériaux - Génie biomédical Quantitative and multiplexed immunolabeling for lung cancer diagnostics

Harter, Till
McMaster University Biologie végétale et animale - Physiologie animale et métabolisme Linking functional red blood cell phenotypes to environmental tolerance in high-altitude adapted deer mice

Hauer, Bradley
National Institute of Standards and Technology Physique et astronomie - Physique de la matière condensée Preparing quantum superpositions of mechanical motion using superconducting circuits

Higginbottom, Daniel
Simon Fraser University Physique et Astronomie - Optique Quantum silicon photon sources

Ivy, Catherine
University of Western Ontario Biologie végétale et animale - Physiologie animale et métabolisme High intensity exercise from sea level to high altitude in migratory birds

Ji, Shufang
University of Toronto Chimie - Chimie inorganique Converting greenhouse gases into valuable liquid chemicals

Luo, Yuting
University of Toronto Chimie - Chimie Physique Electrochemical upgrade of CO2 and N2 into urea under ambient conditions

Pardo, Jason
Field Museum of Natural History Évolution et écologie 3D imaging and computational modeling of secondary palate contributions to upper respiratory system function in therapsids across the End-Permian Mass Extinction

Peach, Daniel
Photo utilisée avec la permission de : Adam Blake
University of British Columbia Biologie Végétale et Animale - Biologie Animale From genes to ecology: The current and future distribution of arbovirus vectors

Pereira, Effie
University of Waterloo Psychologie - Sciences cognitives - Fondamental Measuring temporal fluctuations in attention to predict individual differences in neurocognitive performance and real-world outcomes

Rettie, Sébastien
University College London Physique et astronomie - Physique des particules Tracking the Higgs Boson: improving particle reconstruction and discovering new physics

Shillito, Anthony
University of Saskatchewan Sciences de la Terre Environmental and ecological drivers for the initial colonization of the continents

Stanley, Geoffrey
University of Victoria Sciences de la Terre - Sciences de l'atmosphère Understanding geophysical turbulence and planetary shockwaves for prediction of Sudden Stratospheric Warming events

Tahani, Mehrnoosh
Photo utilisée avec la permission de : University of Calgary (Adrian Shellard)
Stanford University Physique et astronomie - Astronomie et astrophysique Three-dimensional magnetic fields of star-forming and diffuse interstellar clouds

van der Burg, Karin
University of British Columbia Évolution et écologie The genetics, physiology and evolution of diapause

Veinot, Alex
University of Western Ontario Chimie - Chimie inorganique A new step-growth method for preparing main-chain p-block element polymers

Wang, Changhong
University of Maryland (College Park) Génie chimique, biomédical et science des matériaux - Science et technologie des matériaux All-solid-state lithium-sulfur batteries with innovative bilayer solid-state halide electrolytes

Xu, Yi
Stanford University Génie civil et mécanique - Mécanique des fluides High carbon efficiency CO2 electrochemical conversion to valuable chemicals and fuels with zero CO2 reactant loss and zero liquid product loss
Nom Établissement d'accueil Discipline Titre du projetNote en bas de page 2

Bird, John
University of Oxford Histoire “In this land of refinement, I will be an Indian:” sovereignty and reconciliation in Anishinaabe journeys through the British cultural borderlands, 1761-1885

Bothe, Beata
Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières Psychologie Identifying at-risk populations and risk factors of problematic pornography use with inclusive and innovative multi-method approaches

Cartron, Maxime
Université de Sherbrooke Littérature française - Théorie littéraire Politiques du baroque : histoire de l'édition/histoire littéraire

Cash, Conall
(pas de photo)
St. Francis Xavier University Littérature comparative Something from nothing: the Flaubertian legacy in the modern and contemporary arts

Cooper-Bolam, Trina
Concordia University Arts multidisciplinaires et interdisciplinaires Storied transformations: decolonizing inherited space through memorial performance

da Costa Maciel, Lucas
Memorial University of Newfoundland Anthropologie culturelle Collections as captivity, things as ancestors: the Mapuche Museum of Cañete as a decolonial tool.

Di Sante, Mélissa
Photo utilisée avec la permission de : Bruno Cavazzoni
Université de Montréal Développement communautaire Processus de l'action intersectorielle locale visant à soutenir le développement langagier des enfants grandissant dans des quartiers défavorisés de Montréal

Efimoff, Iloradanon
Photo utilisée avec la permission de : Mike Latschislaw at the University of Manitoba
University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) Psychologie sociale A mixed-methods investigation of multiracial Indigenous people's identity experiences

Gibson, Ruth
Photo utilisée avec la permission de : Bryan Ward
Stanford University Santé de la population A strategic framework for the use of unilateral coercive measures in global affairs: using empirical evidence of women's and children's health to understand implications for human rights and global health

Hallenbeck, Jessica
Queen's University Outils et méthodologie de recherche Flow: film as a method for decolonial digital publishing

Kabir, Khondokar
University of Guelph Planification rurale Innovative applications of Q methodology and the Delphi technique to interrogate agricultural stakeholders’ perception and foresightedness to combat online climate change misinformation

Lahouste, Corentin
Université Laval Littérature française La littérature contemporaine mise au défi par des pratiques buissonnières : des œuvres troubles pour renverser l'orthodoxie littéraire

Meister, Daniel
Photo utilisée avec la permission de : Jeff Crawford/ UNB Media Services
University of New Brunswick Histoire politique The making of official multiculturalism in Canada, 1971–1988

Murphy, Michael
Photo utilisée avec la permission de : University of Ottawa Teaching and Learning Support Service
Queen's University Enseignement supérieur Active teaching, assessment, and evaluation in political science

Nieminen, Juuso
University of Ontario Institute of Technology Enseignement supérieur Inclusive learning environments in higher stem education: supporting the sense of belonging of students with disabilities

Poole, Kristie
Brock University Psychologie de l'enfant et de l'adolescent Developmental pathways of shyness and sensitivity to peers across adolescence

Royer, Justin
Photo utilisée avec la permission de : Guilherme D. Garcia
University of California (Berkeley) Théorie de la linguistique Documentation of Chuj and Mam, two Mayan languages: Implications for a cross-linguistic theory of reference.

Silva, Laura
Université de Montréal Philosophie Outlaw emotions: Political potential and psychological costs

Slavik, Catherine
Photo utilisée avec la permission de : Peter Campbell
University of Oregon Psychologie éducative Exploring the information processing of a visual risk education tool: Can maps improve risk comprehension and mitigation?

Tavares, Inês
Dalhousie University Sexologie Supporting couples’ sexual well-being in the transition to parenthood: feasibility and preliminary efficacy of a novel prevention program

Vandevelde, Ségolène
Photo utilisée avec la permission de : Carl Diner pour la Fondation L'Oréal
Université du Québec à Chicoutimi Archéologie Temporalités de création des sites d'Art Rupestre dans le Bouclier Canadien (TARBoC)

Wilmink, Melanie
Photo utilisée avec la permission de : Luke Black
Yonsei University Arts médiatiques The art of the south Korean smart city: Creating knowledge in public space

Wylie, Breanne
Gould School of Law Psychologie The influence of question type on children's reports: A multi-methodological approach examining the pitfalls of questions with dual meanings, and implications for child witness questioning

Yumagulova, Lilia
University of Saskatchewan Développement communautaire “We are here to stay”: Self-determination, disaster displacement, and climate change relocation in Indigenous communities
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