Chercheurs postdoctoraux Banting 2020-2021




Nom Établissement d'accueil Discipline Titre du projetNote en bas de page 2

Ali, Tahir
Photo : avec la permission de Riley Brandt; Office of Advancement, University of Calgary
University of Calgary Recherche en santé Cyp46A1 as a novel therapeutic target in prion diseases

Assinck, Peggy
University of Cambridge (UK) Biologie cellulaire Novel approaches to understand and enhance gray matter remyelination during aging

Babaian, Artem
University of Cambridge (UK) Cancer Delineating the molecular mechanism of the hyper-modified ribosomal RNA residue 18S.1248.macp[Psi] in cancer translation

Baril, Andrée-Ann
Université McGill Vieillissement The circadian clock and Alzheimer's disease pathology

Bogoslowski, Ania
University of British Columbia Immunologie/transplantation Characterization of neuroimmune interactions in the tumour microenvironment

Cook, David
Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute (Toronto) Cancer Regenerative plasticity in colorectal cancer

de Kock, Leanne
Institut recherche Centre hospitalier pour enfants de l'est de l'Ontario Génétique Solve-Mosaicism: Using deep-DNA and single-cell sequencing to investigate the contribution of mosaicism to unsolved rare genetic disease

Dron, Jacqueline
Massachusetts General Hospital Génétique Leveraging genomic, metabolomic, and proteomic data to identify clinically-relevant subtypes and new pathways driving risk of coronary artery disease

Fontaine, Guillaume
Photo : avec la permission de Vadim Daniel
Université d'Ottawa Recherche sur les services de santé Contributing to Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) Eradication in Canada: An Implementation Science-based Approach to Promoting Equitable Access to HCV Care for People Who Inject Drugs

Gagné, Thierry
University College London (UK) Santé des populations Young adults in a changing world: linking changes in the transition to adulthood to trends in wellbeing in the United Kingdom

Houlahan, Kathleen
Stanford University (California) Cancer Microenvironmental determinants of ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) progression to invasive breast cancer

Karamouzian, Mohammad
Photo : avec la permission de UBC
Brown University (Rhode Island) Santé des populations Identifying spatial patterns and neighborhood-level risks of opioid-related overdoses to guide implementation of overdose prevention interventions

Kolla, Gillian
University of Victoria (British Columbia) Recherche sur les services de santé A comparative analysis of Safer Supply interventions to address the dual public health crises of overdose and COVID-19 in BC and Ontario

Lim, Kenji Rowel
Washington University (St. Louis) Cardiovasculaire Understanding the role of cardiac macrophages in the recovery of heart failure

Martin, Benjamin
Photo : avec la permission de Kathryn Martin
Harvard Medical School Biologie moléculaire Dissecting mechanisms of mammalian gene regulation by the essential histone acetyltransferases p300 and CBP

Morton, Emma
Photo : avec la permission de Christopher Young
University of British Columbia Santé mentale Towards a future optimising quality of life in bipolar disorder: A focus on digital health

Nosrati, Reyhaneh
Photo : avec la permission de Mahdi Saberi
Massachusetts General Hospital Imagerie Synergistic application of Positron Emission Tomography (PET) and high-resolution Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopic Imaging (MRSI) for accurate tumor delineation in radiation therapy treatment planning of glioblastomas

Pires, Layla
University Health Network (Toronto) Cancer Upregulation of immune response to reduce tumor progression and metastasis of  melanoma using photodynamic therapy

Okeme, Joseph
Photo : avec la permission de SETAC
Yale University Effets environnementaux sur la santé Mapping the exposome to identify environmental influences on early onset inflammatory bowel disease

Oliveria, John Paul
Stanford University (California) Vieillissement Blood-brain-barrier dynamics in healthy aging and Alzheimer's disease

Rawji, Khalil
University of Cambridge (UK) Système nerveux Investigating the Effect of the Ageing Astrocyte Secretome on Regeneration in the Central Nervous System

Toombs, Elaine
Lakehead University Santé mentale Supporting First Nations Access to Mental Wellness through eHealth Services For Substance Use Treatment

Wynn, Jordana
Photo : avec la permission de Adam Frost
Harvard University Vieillissement The Relationship Between Overt Visual Attention and Constructive Episodic Simulation in Older Adults
Nom Établissement d'accueil Discipline Titre du projetNote en bas de page 2

Adair, Keegan
Argonne National Laboratory Science et technologie des matériaux Beyond Li ion Batteries: Design, Understanding, and Implementation of a New High-Energy Density Anode-Free Solid-State Li-Sulfur battery for Electric Vehicle Applications

Artelle, Kyle
Photo : avec la permission de Andy Wright
University of British Columbia Biogéographie et écologie du paysage Elucidating muti-scaled linkages between food security and stewardship: Food production and conservation potential of intact landscapes across Canada

Barclay, Kristina
Photo : avec la permission de Adam Deunk
University of Victoria Évolution et écologie Ghosts of crabs past: Rapid-assessment conservation paleobiology tools to establish baselines and assess the health of data-poor coastal resources vulnerable to global change

Blouin, Simon
University of Victoria Physique et astronomie Performing the First-Ever Three-Dimensional Hydrodynamic Simulations of Core Helium Burning in Stars to Unlock the Full Potential of White Dwarf Age Dating

Borden, Kira
University of Guelph Sciences de la terre Belowground investigations of crop root-soil interactions that regulate emissions of greenhouse gases from diversified agroecosystems

Chen, Zhu
University of Toronto Science et technologie des matériaux Developing Active, Selective and Stable Catalysts for Electrochemical CO2 Reduction

Cloutier, Ryan
Photo : avec la permission de Alyssa Molinaro
Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics Physique et astronomie Rocks and gas: understanding the formation of the galaxy's most common planets around its most common stars

Day, Ryan
Photo : avec la permission de Sarah Peters
University of California - Berkeley Physique et astronomie - physique de la matière condensée Collective Excitations in Quantum Materials For Next-Generation Computation

Grainger, Tess
University of British Columbia Évolution et écologie The effect of temperature on the speed of evolution

Grayson, Phil
University of Manitoba Génétique The functional and evolutionary consequences of within-species GC variability in the sea lamprey genome: A compelling case for differential germline retention and genomic mosaicism

Li, Tengfei
University of Cambridge Chimie des polymères Selective Conversion of Addition Polymers into Organic Acids via Photochemical and Electrochemical C-H Oxidations

McDiarmid, Troy
The University of Washington Génétique Massively parallel functional dissection of neuronal super-enhancers

Mills, L. Reginald
Photo : avec la permission de Jonathan M. Darmon
Princeton University Chimie organique Cobalt Catalysis as an Inexpensive, Earth-Abundant Platform for the Synthesis of Pharmaceuticals

Naderi, Mohammad
Photo : avec la permission de Faham Negini
York University Biologie végétale et animale - neurophysiologie Deciphering the role of environmental contaminants, bisphenol A and bisphenol S, in the pathogenesis of autism spectrum disorder using zebrafish as a model system

Panferov, Vasily
York University Chimie analytique Innovative Point-of-Care Monitoring of Inflammatory Biomarkers for Early-Stage Diagnosis of Sepsis

Pearce, Ben
Photo : avec la permission de Ryan Trepanier
Johns Hopkins University Science de l'atmosphère From the Early Earth Atmosphere to the Origin of RNA in Warm Little Ponds

Rodríguez Seco, Cristina
Institut national de la recherche scientifique Science et technologie des matériaux Development of integrated 2-electrode photobatteries by exploring doped C3N4 quantum dots (QDs) as photoelectrodes

Sales, Lilian
Photo : avec la permission de Concordia University
Université Concordia Biogéographie et écologie du paysage The future web of life: developing the next-generation of predictive biodiversity models

St. Pierre, Kyra
University of British Columbia Écologie aquatique et limnologie What happens on land does not stay on land: towards the integration of biogeochemical cycles at the land-ocean interface

Sun, Chen
Université de Montréal Sciences informatiques - intelligence artificielle Incorporation of computational principles from the hippocampus to solve systematic generalization in Artificial Intelligence

Wang, Zaiwei
University of Toronto Chimie physique Sn-Pb mixed all-inorganic perovskites: promising candidates for highly efficient and stable single-junction and tandem solar cells

Webber, Quinn
Photo : avec la permission de Victoria Snelgrov
University of Colorado at Boulder Évolution et écologie The indirect genetic effects and density dependence of social networks

Zhu, Litao
University of British Columbia Génie chimique Machine learning assisted multiscale computational modeling of particle-laden flows: application to blood flow and targeted drug delivery

Zottig, Ximena
University of Massachusetts Medical School Biophysique Cell Entry Mechanism of a Non-Enveloped Virus Visualised by In-Situ High-Resolution Cryo-EM
Nom Établissement d'accueil Discipline Titre du projetNote en bas de page 2

Ayangma Bonoho, Simplice
Bishop's University Histoire Le Canada et les politiques internationales de développement sanitaire en Afrique francophone après les indépendances (1960-1980)

Bélanger, David
Université de Montréal Littératures et langues modernes Du prêt à la faillite : l'imaginaire de la dette dans la littérature québécoise (1846-1945)

Brook, Taylor
University of Victoria Beaux-arts A Cross-Cultural Analytical Framework for Pitch in Research-Creation

Campbell-Duruflé, Christopher
University of Cambridge Droit State Accountability through Regime Interactions: Assessing Opportunities to Enhance the Implementation of the Paris Agreement

Dahl, Shayne
Photo : avec la permission de Rob Olsen
The University of Lethbridge Études religieuses Global Shugendo: Japanese Mountain Asceticism in Global Discourses of Indigeneity

Del Gobbo, Daniel
Université McGill Droit Restorative Justice Revisionism: The Challenge of Transformative Justice for LGBTQ2 Peoples in Canada

Fabiano, John
Yale University Études anciennes et langues classiques et mortes / Histoire Working for the City: Labour, Guilds, and the Socioeconomic Life of Non-Elite Urban Populations in the Late Roman West

Frotey, Julia
Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières Urbanisme, aménagement régional et études environnementales L'essor de la recharge intelligente pour véhicules électriques au Québec : quelle appropriation de la technologie intelligente par les institutions, les entreprises et les citoyens ?

Golubovic, Jelena
Tufts University Anthropologie Covert Civilian Participation in Civil War Violence: A Political Ethnography of Denunciation

Hay, Travis
Lakehead University Histoire Bringing It Back to Community: Archival Repatriation and Colonial Histories of Medicine in Northwestern Ontario, 1962-1999

Houston, Lloyd (Meadhbh)
University of Alberta Littératures et langues modernes Bad Seed: Anglophone Modernisms and the Politics of Sexual Health

Janssen, Niek
University of Toronto Études anciennes et langues classiques et mortes Appropriate Transgressions: Parody and Decorum in Ancient Greece and Rome

Kepkiewicz, Lauren
Photo : avec la permission de Adam Linnard
University of Manitoba Géographie Building relations across difference through Food Sovereignty in the Canadian Rockies

Lior, Anat
Université McGill Droit Insurability of Artificial Intelligence

MacKinnon, Anna
Photo : avec la permission de Riley Brandt; Photography Specialist, Office of Advancement, University of Calgary
University of Calgary Psychologie Breaking the Cycle of Intergenerational Trauma: Development and Evaluation of the embrACE Parenting Program

Mackinnon, Debra
Photo : avec la permission de Bernard Clark
University of Windsor Sociologie In the Business of Policing: Examining the Intersection of Private Security, Surveillance Technologies and Public Private Partnerships in North American Business Improvement Areas

Molinaro, Monica
McMaster University Sociologie Provider and Patient Experiences of Health Inequity in Primary Care: Navigating the entwinement of social and medical needs

Moore, Amber
Simon Fraser University Éducation Storied resistances: Rewriting & revisioning rape culture in YA fanfiction activist art

Oakes, Harrison
Photo : avec la permission de Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs, University of Waterloo
University College London Études pluridisciplinaires Let's Clarify a Few Things: Modelling the Causal Relationships Between Sexual Minority Men's (SMM) Mobile Dating App Use, Positive and Negative Outcomes, and Their Collective Effects on Mental Health

Sevi, Semra
Columbia University Sciences politiques How do young voters and young ethnic minorities acquire party attachments?

Stahl, Darian Goldin
Photo : avec la permission de Lisa Graves
University of Northern British Columbia Beaux-arts Embodied Books: Binding Together Illness, Art, and Learning

Tam, Nga Yin (Agnes)
Université McGill Philosophie Rescuing Democracy from Populism: A Case for Identity-Expressive Partisanship

Yaylaci, Şule
Photo : avec la permission de William Carlquist
University of Pennsylvania Sciences politiques Understanding and Reducing Outgroup Prejudice: The Case of Syrian Refugees in Turkey
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