Chercheurs postdoctoraux Banting 2018-2019




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Alderson, Thomas
University of Toronto Biophysique How do human cells regulate their death? Uncovering the molecular basis of apoptotic regulation

Bin Dhuban, Khalid
Photo : avec la permission de Pierre Bourgault
University Health Network (Toronto) Immunologie/transplantation Identification and characterization of a novel checkpoint regulating T cell activity

Briggs, Jonathon
Photo : avec la permission de Maria Cleveland
The University of British Columbia Biochimie Understanding glycan transport across the outer-membrane of Bacteroides species, prominent members of the human gut microbiota, using a structural and functional approach.

Carrot-Zhang, Jian
Photo : avec la permission de Palais de Congrès de Montréal
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Cancer The contribution of germline variants to somatic EGFR mutation risk in lung adenocarcinoma in the Latin American populations.

Chew, Derek
Duke University  Recherche sur les services de santé Informing Policy Through Evidence: Applying Health Technology Assessment in Cardiac Electrophysiology to Disseminate High-Value Care

Décary, Simon
Université Laval Recherche sur les services de santé Shared decision making to promote high-quality primary care management of musculoskeletal disorders.

Dornan, Gillian
Photo : avec la permission de Jordan Stariha
Leibniz Institute for Molecular Pharmacology (FMP) Biochimie Architecture and Regulation of the PI3KC2B Lipid Kinase Complex for Nutrient Signaling at the Lysosome

Fournier, Marc
Photo : avec la permission de Studio Zami
Université de Sherbrooke Imagerie A new ultra-high resolution 3D digital atlas of the human brain connectome derived from the 3D-PLI dataset and its application to the validation of diffusion MRI fiber tracking

Hossain, Mokarram
University of Calgary Cancer Imaging the behavior of peritoneal macrophages under homeostasis and in liver metastasis.

Kenny, Tiff-Annie
Université Laval Effets environnementaux sur la santé Fishing for Food Security: Weathering Climate Change Impacts on Health in Coastal Indigenous Communities

Kirkham, Amy
University of Alberta Cancer The Caloric Restriction and Exercise protection from Anthracycline Toxic Effects (CREATE) study

Kuzmin, Elena
Université McGill Cancer Identifying co-operating genetic mutations within large chromosomal deletions associated with triple negative breast cancer

Laufer, Benjamin
Photo : avec la permission de Thomas J Ushing
University of California (Davis) Génomique, protéomique et bioinformatique Non-Invasive Epigenetic Profiling of Cell Free Fetal DNA: Markers of Common Prenatal Exposures that Shape the Risk for Neurodevelopmental Disorders and Autism Spectrum Disorders

McLelland, Gian-Luca
Netherlands Cancer Institute Biologie cellulaire Investigating lipid homeostasis using haploid genetics in lysosomal storage disease and cancer

Morris, John
New York Genome Center Génomique, protéomique et bioinformatique CRISPR-GWAS: Leveraging genome-editing to identify disease-causing genes

Mugabo, Yves
Université de Montréal Métabolisme/diabète The role of 14-3-3zeta-mediated RNA splicing during the development of obesity

Ramirez, Francisco
L'Institut de Rythmologie et Modélisation Cardiaque (LIRYC), Bordeaux Cardiovasculaire Non-invasive mapping of pulmonary vein to left atrium electrical conduction in patients with atrial fibrillation

Ravinarayana Chakravarthy, Ankur
Princess Margaret Cancer Centre (Toronto) Cancer Mapping the determinants of immunotherapy response

Squair, Jordan
École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne, EPFL Système nerveux Harnessing spinal electrical stimulation to modulate autonomic function after spinal cord injury

Tarr, Gillian
Photo : avec la permission de Don Molyneaux Photography and University of Calgary
University of Calgary Appareil digestif et foie A Clinical Prediction Rule for Pediatric Acute Gastroenteritis Etiology

Tremblay, Sébastien
University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia) Système nerveux Developing a nonhuman primate model of social dysfunction

Wall-Wieler, Elizabeth
Stanford University  Recherche sur les médicaments Psychotropic Medication Use and Ectopic Pregnancy

Zarin, Payam
Photo : avec la permission de Deepshika Ramanan
Harvard Medical School Immunologie/transplantation Uncovering the role of a core Foxp3+ Regulatory T cell gene in establishing peripheral tolerance and preventing autoimmunity
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Audet, Jean-Nicolas
Rockefeller University Évolution et écologie - comportement Genes responsible for variation in problem-solving in birds

Beaulieu, Samuel
Fritz-Haber-Institut der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft Physique et astronomie - physique  Ultrafast Excited State Microscopy: A novel approach to map excited electrons in real-time and real-space

Bock, Dan
Washington University in St. Louis Évolution et écologie - évolution et écologie The genetic architecture of contemporary limb morphology evolution in Anolis lizards

Braverman, Boris
Université d'Ottawa Physique et astronomie - optique High-dimensional Entanglement for Applications in Quantum Photonics

Challis, Jonathan
Photo : avec la permission de Dave Stobbe for the University of Saskatchewan
University of Saskatchewan Chimie - chimie analytique Reconnaissance, prioritization, and effects assessment of novel and emerging organic contaminants in drinking and surface waters using advanced ultrahigh-resolution mass spectrometry

Chemnitz, Mario
Institut national de la recherche scientifique Physique et astronomie - optique Exploitation of Optical Cluster States for Quantum Information Technologies

Coughlan, Neville
University of Waterloo Chimie - chimie physique Action spectroscopy for structural determination of molecular ions

Gagné, Olivier
Carnegie Institution of Washington Science de la terre - science de la terre Tracking the Oxidation of Earth's Crust Through Deep Time

Lari, Ebrahim
University of Toronto Biologie végétale et animale - physiologie et métabolisme des animaux Investigating the mechanism of anoxia tolerance in non-excitable cells of western painted turtle

Lavoie, Chris
Photo : avec la permission de Sean Feng
California Institute of Technology Chimie - chimie inorganique Nickel-Catalyzed Asymmetric Electroreductive Cross-coupling

Li, Xiao
Stanford University Génie chimique, biomédical et science des matériaux - génie biomédical Modulating cell mechanics and function with nanoscale topography

Mérot, Claire
Université Laval Évolution et écologie - évolution et écologie Bases génomiques de l'adaptation: le rôle des inversions chromosomiques chez la mouche du varech

Michilli, Daniele
Université McGill Physique et astronomie - astronomie et astrophysique Cosmic radio explosions: understanding Fast Radio Bursts and using them to explore the Universe

Pawlowski, Andrew
Photo : avec la permission de Max Rousseau (Wyss Institute)
Harvard Medical School Biologie cellulaire et moléculaire - microbiologie Deciphering natural microbial structures in situ using subcellular RNA sequencing

Peacock, Stephanie
University of Calgary Évolution et écologie - écologie animales Confronting ecological models with scientific, local, and Indigenous knowledge to understand the role of disease in wildlife declines

Rackus, Darius
Eidgenössiche Technische Hochschule Zürich Chimie - chimie analytique  Microfluidic platform for high-throughput screening of antivirulence drugs for bacterial infection

Sandkam, Benjamin
University of British Columbia Évolution et écologie - évolution et écologie SuperY: Tradeoffs between recombination and adaptation in male supergenes

Tétrault, Marc-André
Massachusetts General Hospital Génie électrique - génie électrique et électronique  Enabling cutting-edge neuroimaging : fast, low-noise and motion-corrected image reconstruction for high resolution brain positron emission tomography scanner

Timmerman, Suzette
University of Alberta Sciences de la terre - géochimie et géochronologie  Tracing Earth's deep carbon cycle: integrating geochemical and geochronological analysis of super-deep inclusions and their diamond hosts as a step to track carbon mobility in the transition zone and lower mantle.

van der Marel, Nienke
Photo : avec la permission de Tracy Florence Photography & Artworks
University of Victoria Physique et astronomie - Astronomie et astrophysique  Observing planet formation in action

Wilkey, Eric
Photo : avec la permission de Mark Wolfe
The University of Western Ontario Psychologie - neurologie du comportement Difficulties in Learning Math: Using neurobiology to understand individual differences

Wilson, Kyle
Simon Fraser University Évolution et écologie - évolution et écologie Understanding the role of social and ecological diversity on the resilience of at-risk fisheries: the overlooked dimensions of diversity in managing fishery portfolios

Wu, Mengfei
University of Toronto Génie chimique, biomédical et science des matériaux -science et technologie des matériaux Improving Perovskite Solar Cells by Converting Infrared Light into Visible Light
Nom Établissement d'accueil Discipline Titre du projetNote en bas de page 2

Bodineau, Sylvie
York University Anthropologie Fifteen years after. The everyday social life of ex- child soldiers in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Chétima, Melchisedek
York University Histoire Boko Haram's Grand-Fathers: Slave-Raiding, Kidnapping and Weaponized Social Mobility in the Chad Basin Borderland

Crago, Anna-Louise
Photo : avec la permission de Best Image Toronto
Université d'Ottawa Criminologie Complicating Gender in Armed Conflict: Mapping Governance Approaches to Sex Workers by Armed Groups in Eastern DR Congo

Dawson, Samantha
Dalhousie University Psychologie In the mood for sex? A multi-method approach to examine how affect and attention to sexual cues impact couples' sexual wellbeing

Dennehy, Tara
The University of British Columbia Psychologie Beyond Representation: The Potential Power of Men as Allies for Gender Equity

Desplanque, Kathryn
Photo : avec la permission de Megan May
Carleton University Beaux-arts Papermania: The Popular Printed Image and the Nineteenth-Century Consumer

Gagnon, Alex
Université Laval Littératures et langues modernes La ferroviarisation de la société canadienne-française au XIXe siècle. Une histoire culturelle du chemin de fer au Québec (1832-1914)

Gerrits, Bailey
The University of Winnipeg Criminologie Gendering and Racializing Canadian Police “Image Work:” Theorizing Police Framing of Gender-Based Violence

Goetze, Trystan
Dalhousie University Philosophie Dimensions of Epistemic Culpability: Ignorance, the Ethics of Belief, Epistemic Injustice, Fake News, and Public Discourse

Hébert, William
Memorial University of Newfoundland Anthropologie “Mysterious Maladaptation”: A Community-Based Ethnography of the Category of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) in the Canadian Criminal Justice System (Newfoundland and Labrador)

Honisch, Stefan
The University of British Columbia Beaux-arts With Ravished Fingers: Helen Keller's Musical Activism

Jekanowski, Rachel
Memorial University of Newfoundland Communications et études des médias Envisioning Offshore Oil: Oceans, Energy, Futures

Karimi, Ahmad
The University of British Columbia Sociologie How Refugees Become One of “US”: Private Refugee Sponsorship and Inclusion in Canada

Lafay, Anne
Photo : avec la permission de Lisa Graves, Concordia University
Université Concordia Éducation  Effects of Number Line Manipulatives on Number Knowledge and Mental Computation in Children With Mathematics Learning Disabilities

Leonard, Kelsey
Photo : avec la permission de Courtney Sheppard
McMaster University Études pluridisciplinaires ‘For as long as the rivers flow': Defining Indigenous Water Justice in the Face of Climate Change

McClelland, Alexander
Université d'Ottawa Criminologie Confidentiality, anonymity & epistemological exclusion: challenges & strategies for realizing ethical & inclusive research

McKenzie, Holly
Photo : avec la permission de Dave Stobbe for the University of Saskatchewan
University of Saskatchewan Sociologie Support for women accessing emergency department services for concerns related to mental health and substance use: A situated mixed-methods study of therapy dog-handler teams

Meadows, Angela
The University of Western Ontario Psychologie When fat people fight back: A mixed-method investigation of individual difference factors and group dynamics in stigma resistance and collective action against discrimination

Melkevik, Asbjorn
Université de Montréal Philosophie Bounded Markets: Social Justice in Market Capitalist Societies

Ogasawara, Midori
Université d'Ottawa Sociologie Legalizing Illegal Mass Surveillance: The Global Collaboration of Intelligence Agencies and Big Data Corporations, and its Impact on Canadian Law and Democracy

Olmedo, Elise
Université Concordia  Géographie Les mémoires de l'exil à l'épreuve des cartes. Exploration d'une cartographie post-représentationnelle

Strachan, Jeremy
Photo : avec la permission de Aaron Tator
Queen's University Beaux-arts Decolonizing Canadian Music: Partnerships, Protocols, and Pathways Towards Reparation

Wammes, Jeffrey
Yale University Psychologie Structuring learning in the laboratory and classroom

Werner, Kaitlyn
Photo : avec la permission de Jane VandenDries, Carleton University
University of Toronto Psychologie Seeing what you want: Using eye-tracking to examine the motivational determinants of self-control
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