Boursiers Banting 2014–2015




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Alberga, Angela
Santé des populations University of Calgary Weight bias in the health and education sectors: Implications for population and public health

Babchishin, Kelly
Psychologie Université d'Ottawa Causal factors for sexual offending: Evidence from a longitudinal study

Barbat, Sébastien
Biologie cellulaire Université de Montréal Role of glial cells in aging of the neuromuscular junction: Modulation and regulation of the muscular profile

Gerstein, Aleeza
Génomique, protéomique et bioinformatique University of Minnesota In vivo evolution of drug resistance in Cryptococcus

Hutchison, R. Matthew
Vieillissement Harvard University Assessing disrupted brain activity in adults to develop non-invasive, preclinical biomarkers of Alzheimer’s disease

Kim, Hosung
Imagerie University of California (San Francisco) Assessment of brain structural development and prediction of neurological outcome in preterm neonates with brain injuries using surface-based statistical modeling of multicontrast MRI.

Kirby, Miranda
Imagerie University of British Columbia Developing Novel Computed Tomography Imaging Measurements for Predicting Accelerated Lung Function Decline in Individuals at Risk of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Kwakkenbos, Linda
Psychosociale & recherche sur la santé comportementale Université McGill Overcoming barriers to developing, testing, and disseminating psychosocial and rehabilitation interventions in a rare disease context: Making patient-centered research for rare diseases a reality

Leidal, Andrew
Cancer University of California (San Francisco) Role of autophagy-dependent unconventional secretion in breast cancer progression

Leligdowicz, Aleksandra
Biologie moléculaire University Health Network Prognostic Biomarkers of Endothelial Activation and Dysfunction in Critically Ill Patients

Lima-Fernandes, Evelyne
Biologie cellulaire University of Toronto Targeting Epigenetics in Colorectal Cancer

Mack, Stephen
Cancer Cleveland Clinic Exploring the Crosstalk between Tumour Metabolism and Chromatin State in Glioblastoma Stem Cells

Price, Feodor
Muscles, os ou articulations Harvard Medical School Discovery of Small Molecules to Treat Skeletal Muscle Sarcopenia

Sheeran, Paul
Cancer Sunnybrook Research Institute Development of a new anti-cancer drug delivery platform using acoustically activated nanoscale and microscale agents

Tang, Kenneth
Recherche dans le domaine de la santé McMaster University Risk and recovery profiles in occupational upper-extremity disorders: considering the work and gender context

Thomson, David
Vieillissement University of Toronto Poor inhibitory control as a cause of sustained attention deficits in older adults

Timbers, Tiffany-Anne
Génomique, protéomique et bioinformatique Simon Fraser University Combining Genomics and Phenomics to identify genes associated with human sensory disorders

Turner, Brianna
Santé mentale Harvard University Does preference for immediate versus long-term outcomes predict adolescent suicidal behaviour? Development and validation of a novel assessment of decision-making.

Uddin, Mohammed
Génétique Hospital For Sick Children Somatic Variation in Single Neurons in Autism Spectrum Disorder

Veroniki, Areti Angeliki
Recherche dans le domaine de la santé St. Michael's Hospital Extending the methodology for evaluating consistency in networks of interventions using individual patient data

Widdifield, Jessica
Recherche sur les services de santé Université McGill An International Integrative Approach to Leveraging Electronic Health Databases for Outcomes Research in Rheumatology

Wong, Gary
Virologie Chinese Academy of Sciences Structural characterization and optimization of ZMapp, an antibody cocktail efficacious against Ebola virus in nonhuman primates

Zimmermann, Michal
Biologie moléculaire Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute Unraveling the molecular networks of DNA double-strand break repair pathway choice
Nom Discipline Établissement d'accueil Titre du projetNote en bas de page 2

Kundalwal, Shailesh
Génie civil et mécanique- Génie mécanique University of Toronto Characterizing the flexoelectric properties of carbon-based nanomaterials and nanostructures

Avgar, Tal
Évolution et écologie - Écologie animale University of Alberta From random walks to habitat selection: understanding and predicting animal occurrence in space and time

Bazargan, Vahid
Génie civil et mécanique - Mécanique des fluides University of Cambridge Droplet-based microfluidic synthesis of supramolecular microcapsules with triggered or UV-controlled permeability

Biggar, Kyle
Biologie cellulaire et moléculaire - Biochimie University of Western Ontario Surviving hypoxia: Coordinating cellular low oxygen adaption through changes in protein methylation

Boguslawski, Katharina
Chimie - Chimie physique McMaster University Breaking the Curse of Dimension in Actinide Chemistry: Using Relativistic, Open-Shell Geminal Methods to Provide an Efficient and Robust Computational Model for the Electronic Structure of Molecular Complexation in Nuclear Waste Reprocessing

Bouilly, Delphine
Physique et astronomie - Physique de la matière condensée Columbia University Nanoscale electronic circuits to probe individual biomolecules

Chitnis, Saurabh
Chimie - Chime inorganique University of Bristol Catalytic Dehydrocoupling Routes to Oligo- and Polyphosphorus Materials

Flower, Thomas
Évolution et écologie - Écologie animale Simon Fraser University Impacts of habitat fragmentation on nest predation behaviour: identifying conservation measures to manage the effects of forestry on threatened birds in British Columbia

Grosse, Roger
Sciences informatique - Intelligence artificielle University of Toronto Structure Discovery for Deep Third-Order Generative Models

He, Le
Chimie - Chime inorganique University of Toronto Artificial Photosynthesis for Solar Fuels Production: Engineering Nanomaterials for Photocatalytic Reduction of CO2

Higgins, Drew
Génie chimique, biomédical et science des matériaux - Génie chimique Stanford University Understanding and improving the performance and durability of inexpensive, carbon-based air electrodes for alkaline membrane unitized regenerative fuel cells: a promising new approach to achieve grid scale energy storage targets

Kleiner, Manuel
Biologie cellulare et moléculaire - Microbiologie University of Calgary Energy-efficient biochemistry for biological carbon capture and re-use

Korosi, Jennifer
Évolution et écologie - Écologie aquatique et limnologie University of Ottawa Paleoecotoxicology of Yellowknife lakes: A novel approach using lake sediment cores to reconstruct the impacts of legacy contaminants from gold mining on aquatic ecosystems.

MacMillan, Heath
Biologie végétale et animale - Physiologie et métabolisme des animaux York University Thermal plasticity and the renal system: The endocrine control of insect cold tolerance

Neukermans, Griet
Sciences de la terre - télédétection Université Laval Impact of recent climate change on phytoplankton blooms in the Arctic Ocean

Orihel, Diane
Évolution et écologie - Ecotoxicologie University of Ottawa Field Evaluation of Novel Ecotoxicological Tools to Support Responsible Resource Development of Canada’s Oil Sands

Ra, Yong-Ho
Génie électrique - dispositifs photoniques Université McGill Alternative Energy: Solar-to-Hydrogen Conversion via Highly Efficient Photocatalytic Water Splitting Using Nanoscale Semiconductors

Reddon, Adam
Évolution et écologie - Sociobiologie et écologie éthologique Université McGill The neural basis of social living: Examining the evolution of nonapeptide brain circuitry

Sederberg, Matthew
Physique et astronomie - Optique Max-Planck-Institut für Quantenoptik AttoSecond Physics at thE Nanoscale (ASPEN): extreme nonlinear optics and spatio-temporal imaging

Szpak, Paul
Archéologie University of British Columbia Historical Ecology of the Canadian Maritime Arctic

van Vugt, Floris
Psychologie - Systèmes moteurs et performance Université McGill Motor babbling: learning novel sensorimotor mappings

Verma, Mohit
Génie chimique, biomédical et science des matériaux - Science et technologie des matériaux Harvard University An in vitro model of the eye for characterizing infections and nanoparticle-cell interactions

Willems, Lianne
Chimie - Chimie organique Simon Fraser University A new chemical tagging approach to study co-translational protein modification

Zhitomirsky, David
Physique et astronomie - Combustibles et technologie de l'énergie Massachusetts Institute of Technology Engineering of Solar Thermal Fuels for Enhanced Energy Storage and Novel Device Applications
Nom Discipline Établissement d'accueil Titre du projetNote en bas de page 2

Randles, Daniel
Psychologie University of Toronto Focusing on the horizon: Leveraging goal-salience to maintain self-control and an achievement focus over long periods of time

Adachi, Paul
Psychologie University of Rochester Human Need Satisfaction/Impedance as Mechanisms of the Effects of Video Game Competition on Aggression and Intergroup Cooperation in Video Games on Reducing Prejudice

Andrews, Nathan
Sciences politiques Queen's University Don’t Just Tell Me, but Prove to Me: The Dialectics of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Development, and Livelihoods in Ghana’s Oil Sector

Bacopoulos-Viau, Alexandra
Histoire Université McGill The (Re)Discovery of the Subconscious: Pierre Janet, Self and Trauma from 1900 to the Present

Badia, Lynn
Littérature américaine University of Alberta Imagining Free Energy: Fantasies, Utopias, and Critiques of America

Battershill, Claire
Littérature anglaise Simon Fraser University Travelling Books: A Transnational History of Literary Publishers and their Archives, 1914-2014

Bennett, Nathan
Géographie University of Washington Between Global Agreements and Local Conservation Actions

Brouder, Patrick
Géographie Brock University Tourism Development Paths in the Niagara Region: Why Embracing Complexity will lead to Resilient Rural Communities

Buckwalter, Wesley
Philosophie University of Waterloo Connecting knowledge, theory and practice: An interdisciplinary approach

Burnett, Heather
Linguistique University of Toronto Sociolinguistic Insights into Formal Syntactic and Semantic Theory

Daigneault, Pierre-Marc
Sciences politiques École nationale d'administration publique Recours prolongé à l’aide sociale et mesures d’activation: Le Supplément à la Prime au Travail favorise-t-il la transition vers l’emploi?

Epstein, Rachel
Sociologie Brock University Breakups, Breakdowns, and Reconfigurations: Narratives of Conflict and Change in LGBTQ Families

Fritsch, Kelly
Études pluridisciplinaires University of Toronto The Political Economy of War, Disability, and Bodily Enhancement Technoscience

Gagné, Karine
Anthropologie Yale University Nature, Infrastructure and Melting Ice: The Politics of the Zanskar River and the Taming of the Himalayan Mountains in India

Huggins, Christopher
Urbanisme, aménagement régional et études environnementales Wilfrid Laurier University Governing New Digital Terrain: Private-public partnerships in information communication technology platforms for climate-smart agriculture and nutrition security in Malawi

Last, Richard
Études religieuses York University The Disappearance of Guilds from Social Histories of Ancient Christianity

Luka, Mary Elizabeth
Communications et études des médias York University From creative citizenship in Canada to globally networked cultural collaboration

Odom, William
Communications et études des médias Simon Fraser University Developing a theory and practice of slow interaction design

Peers, Danielle
Communications et études des médias Concordia University Flourishing through community: Exploring collective strategies for meaningful disability support and inclusion

Puget, Julien
Histoire Université du Québec à Montréal Fabrique de la ville et opinion publique : une expérience de l’espace à l’époque moderne. Paris, Marseille et Naples au XVIIIe siècle

Rosés Labrada, Jorge
Linguistique The University of British Columbia Glottalized Resonants in the Amazon and the Pacific Northwest: Documentation and Acoustic Properties

Scannell, Leila
Psychologie Royal Roads University “That Was the Last Time I Saw My House...”: The Role of Place Attachment in Youth’s Disaster Recovery and Resilience

Thompson, Scott
Sociologie Queen's University Then the Whites Came and Made Us Indians: Law, Categorization, Technologies of Governance, and the First Nations and Inuit Peoples of Canada, 1844-1985.
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