2020-2021 Selection Committee members

Member Department Institution
Vincent Poitout (Chair) Faculty of Medicine Université de Montréal
Aarlenne Khan School of Optometry Université de Montréal
Andrew Greenshaw Department of Psychiatry University of Alberta
Arturo Londono Vallejo Telomeres & Cancer Lab Institut Curie (France)
Christine Friedenreich Arnie Charbonneau Cancer Institute University of Calgary
Dalia El Khoury College of Social & Applied Human Sciences University of Guelph
Darren Warburton School of Kinesiology University of British Columbia
Dave Holmes School of Nursing  University of Ottawa
Francesca Di Cara Department of Microbiology & Immunology Dalhousie University
Georg Zoidl Department of Biology York University
Laura Curiel Schulich School of Engineering University of Calgary
Lisa Sharp Institute for Health Research and Policy University of Illinois at Chicago
Mani Larijani Department of BioMedical Sciences Memorial University of Newfoundland
Marc Surette Département de chimie et biochimie Université de Moncton
Marie-Josee Boucher Département de médecine Université de Sherbrooke
Michael Olson Department of Chemistry and Biology Toronto Metropolitan University University
Odette Laneuville Department of Biology University of Ottawa
Rosaire Mongrain Department of Mechanical Engineering McGill University
Semone Myrie Department of Food and Human Nutritional Sciences University of Manitoba 
Silvana Papagerakis College of medicine University of Saskatchewan
Member Department Institution
Penny Pexman (Chair) Department of Psychology University of Calgary
Sherif Abou Elela Département de microbiologie et d'infectiologie Université de Sherbrooke
Julia Baum Department of Biology University of Victoria
Linda Bonen Department of Biology University of Ottawa
Anne de Vernal Département des sciences de la Terre et de l'atmosphère Université du Québec à Montréal
Guy Dumont Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering University of British Columbia
Valerio Faraoni Department of Physics & Astronomy Bishop's University
Graham Gagnon Department of Civil and Resource Engineering Dalhousie University
Bruce Gaulin Department of Physics & Astronomy McMaster University
Michael Gharghouri Material Science Branch Canadian Nuclear Laboratories
Thomas Hillen Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences University of Alberta
Mike Hinchey Software Engineering University  of Limerick
Faisal Khan Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science Memorial University of Newfoundland
Cheryl McCormick Department of Psychology Brock University
Julio Navarro Department of Physics and Astronomy University of Victoria
Joelle Pelletier Département de chimie Université de Montréal
John Polk Department of Anthropology University of Illinois Urbana-Campaign
Pierre-Nicholas Roy Department of Chemistry University of Waterloo
Thomas Sherratt Department of Biology Carleton University
Molly Shoichet Department of Chemical Engineering University of Toronto
Yan Zhou Department of Veterinary Microbiology VIDO/University of Saskatchewan
Member Department Institution
Nina-Marie Lister (Chair) School of Urban and Regional Planning Toronto Metropolitan University University
Danièle Bélanger Département de géographie Université Laval
Liesette Brunson Département de psychologie Université du Québec à Montréal
Christine Corcos Department of Law Louisiana State University
Peter Dietsch Department of Philosophy Université de Montréal
Thomas Keymer Department of English University of Toronto
Charity Marsh Faculty of Media, Art, and Performance University of Regina
Mahon Rianne Balsillie School of International Affairs Wilfrid Laurier University
Adolf Koi Yu Ng Department of Supply Chain Management University of Manitoba
Lissa Paul Department of Faculty of Education Brock University
Nancy Pedri Department of English Language and Literature Memorial University of Newfoundland
Peter Sabor Department of English McGill University
Todd Shepard Department of History John Hopkins University
Mickey Vallee Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies Athabasca University
Ann Vibert School of Education Acadia University
Georgia Vrakas Psychoéducation Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
Clinton Westman Archeology and Anthropology University of Saskatchwan
Ralph Winter Sauder School of Business The University of British Columbia
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