Banting Postdoctoral Researchers 2015–2016




Name Discipline Host institution Project titleFootnote 2

Adam, Salomé
Genetics Mount Sinai Hospital Elucidating the mechanism of BRCA1-independent homologous recombination

Cocker, Paul
Health Research University of Cambridge Optogenetic interrogation of anterior insula dependent networks underlying the vulnerability to develop compulsive drug seeking.

Ereño Orbea, June
Biochemistry Hospital for Sick Children (Toronto) Structure-based approaches for the development of new therapeutics in diseases caused by B cell dysfunction

Freeman, Spencer
Cell Biology Hospital for Sick Children (Toronto) Signaling in macrophages: the role of phosphatase exclusion

Gold, Matthew
Immunology-Transplantation University Health Network Molecular Regulation of Dendritic Cell Homeostasis

Iturria Medina, Yasser
Mental Health McGill University Alzheimer's Disease progression: Bridging aberrant gene expression profiles, altered multi-factorial brain networks and cognitive impairment

Jamali, Mohsen
Nervous System Massachusetts General Hospital  A cortico-spinal neural prosthesis to restore limb movements after spinal cord injury

Jessri, Mahsa
Population Health University of Ottawa/Ottawa Hospital Research Institute The population health and healthcare burden of poor lifestyle patterns and potential dietary strategies for reducing morbidity, mortality and healthcare use in Canada

Johnston, Chad
Molecular Biology Massachusetts Institute of Technology Developing Targeted Antibacterial Strategies to Alleviate Disease in the Human Microbiome

Loyola-Sanchez, Adalberto
Muscle, Bone, Or Joint University of Calgary Sustainability in Arthritis Management Programs for Indigenous Populations of Canada and Mexico

McConechy, Melissa
Cancer Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre Characterization of tumour-specific epigenetic changes in giant cell tumour of the bone and high-grade pediatric brain cancers

Nikolova, Yuliya
Mental Health Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (Toronto) Linking depression-related cellular and molecular abnormalities with brain structure and function through novel polygenic risk scores

O'Hara, Lyndsay
Population Health University of Maryland Identifying patient risk factors and healthcare worker-patient interactions that increase transmission of multidrug-resistant organisms

Quashie, Peter
Biochemistry University of Toronto Novel structural approaches towards a better understanding of HIV integrase, the architect of viral persistence in human cells

Shao, Kun
Cancer University of Calgary Engineering peptide-MHC/co-stimulator-based nanoparticle vaccines for the treatment of metastatic cancer

Singaravelu, Ragunath
Virology University of Massachusetts Medical School Systematic characterization of non-coding RNAs regulating innate immune response to cytosolic DNA

Smith, Maxwell
Population Health McGill University Reducing Health Inequities through Intersectoral Action: Achieving Alignment between the Ethical Values of Public Health and Social Policy

Thanabalasuriar, Ajitha
Immunology-Transplantation University of Calgary Employing intravital microscopy to understand pulmonary iNKT cell dynamics during inflammation

Vanderlee, Lana
Nutrition University of Toronto Assessing the food policy environment in Canada: Food Environment Policy Index (Food-EPI)

Wagenblast, Elvin
Cancer University Health Network A cellular and molecular framework to understand human pre-leukemic mutations in acute myeloid leukemia (AML)

Zeytuni, Natalie
Biochemistry University of British Columbia Structural, Biochemical and Inhibitory Analysis of the Type VII  Secretion System Essential for Mycobacterium tuberculosis Pathogenesis.

Zhao, Jianhua
Molecular Biology University of California (San Francisco) Structure and mechanism of the mammalian voltage-gated sodium channel

Zurek, Agnieszka
Nervous System University of Calgary Plasticity of GABA synapses in hypothalamic circuits: A new model for post-traumatic stress disorder
Name Discipline Host institution Project titleFootnote 2

Albouy, Philippe
Psychology - Cognitive Science - Fundamental Montréal Neurological Institute and Hospital Driving brain function with non-invasive rhythmic stimulations: a new way of shaping behavior?

Bateman, Andrew
Evolution And Ecology - Animal Ecology University of Victoria How does social structure affect population change? Matrilineal demography in threatened resident killer whales

Brinkmann, Markus
Evolution And Ecology - Ecotoxicology University of Saskatchewan Advancing chemical risk assessment through novel approaches in predictive ecotoxicology

Chou, Leo
Chemical, Biomedical And Materials Science Engineering - Biomedical Engineering Harvard Medical School Engineered nanofactory for cytosolic manufacturing of shRNA in living cells

Darling, Emily
Evolution And Ecology - Evolution And Ecology University of Toronto Stepping Stones for the Future: Integrating Non-Linear Population Dynamics into Habitat Connectivity Models to Improve Resilience to Climate Change

Dattani, Nike
Chemistry - Physical Chemistry McMaster University The new definition of temperature and the formation of the first "halo nucleonic molecules"

Fickler, Robert
Physics And Astronomy - Optics University of Ottawa Twisting Macroscopic Quantum Light - Advancing applications and foundations of bright squeezed vacuum by introducing orbital angular momentum of light

Gallagher, Austin
Evolution And Ecology - Animal Ecology University of Western Ontario Fear as a Tool for Population Control: Integrating ecology, behaviour, physiology, and psychology to provide solutions to human-wildlife conflict

Green, Stephanie
Evolution And Ecology - Animal Ecology Stanford University Accounting for biotic interactions in forecasts of global species distribution change: a framework based on the role of behavioural and morphological traits in mediating predator-prey interactions

Jupp, Andrew
Chemistry - Inorganic Chemistry University of Toronto The capture and non-metal catalysed hydrogenation of carbon dioxide using a Frustrated Lewis Pair approach.

Kibria, Md
Electrical Engineering - Electrical And Electronic Engineering University of Toronto Artificial Photosynthesis: Sunlight-Driven Chemical Transformation of Carbon Dioxide into Energy-Rich Fuels Using Earth-Abundant Photocatalysts

Kleinstiver, Benjamin
Cellular And Molecular Biology - Cell Biology Massachusetts General Hospital Optimizing CRISPR/Cas9-based technologies to improve the efficiency of precise DNA repair for research and gene therapy applications

Malmuthuge Nilusha
Cellular And Molecular Biology - Immunology University of Saskatchewan Importance of First Encounters: Short and long-term effects of microbial colonization on mucosal immune system development in the neonate

Ng, Alphonsus
Chemical, Biomedical And Materials Science Engineering - Biomedical Engineering California Institute of Technology Development of a single-cell transcriptomic-proteomic analysis platform for the study of tumour heterogeneity

Orji, Rita
Computing Sciences - Software And Development University of Waterloo Biofeedback Mechanism for Adapting and Evaluating Persuasive Games

O'Toole, Matthew
Computing Sciences - Information Technology Stanford University Light Transport Analysis for Computational Microscopy

Perras, Frédéric
Chemistry - Physical Chemistry The Ames Laboratory- U. S. Department of Energy Development and Application of DNP NMR to Materials Chemistry

Pratap Singh, Anubhav
Chemical, Biomedical And Materials Science Engineering - Chemical Engineering University of Toronto Development of Quadruple Fortified Salt (QFS) - A technology to produce Table Salt supplemented with iodine, iron, folic acid & Vitamin B12 to counter micronutrients deficiencies in vegetarians, children & women of reproductive age.

Sharp, Nathaniel
Evolution And Ecology - Evolution And Ecology University of British Columbia The genetic and evolutionary consequences of reproductive system diversity

Sully, James
Physics And Astronomy - Theoretical Physics And Chemistry McGill University Entropic Quantum Gravity: Entanglement, Information, and Emergent Spacetime

Toews, David
Evolution And Ecology - Evolution And Ecology Cornell University The genomic consequences of divergence, hybridization, and speciation

Vapaavuori, Jaana
Chemical, Biomedical And Materials Science Engineering - Materials Science And Technology Université de Montréal Targeting light-switchable nanomaterials through supramolecular chemistry

Yáñez Garza, Juan Pablo
Physics And Astronomy - Particle Physics University of Alberta Unlocking the next breakthroughs in particle physics with novel large-scale neutrino detectors
Name Discipline Host institution Project TitleFootnote 2

Baker, James
Sociology McMaster University An examination of racial micro-aggressions among refugee youth in two Canadian cities

Balish, Shea
Psychology University of Toronto More Than A Feeling? Testing an Intuitionist Model of Sport Motivation

Bliss, Heather
Linguistics  University of Victoria Niitsi'pówahsin: A Digital Archive of Blackfoot Personal Stories and Conversations

Geniole, Shawn
Psychology University Of Vienna When does testosterone promote prosocial versus antisocial behaviours aimed at gaining or maintaining status?

Gerecke, Alana
Fine Arts  York University Choreographing Publics: Flash Mobs, Dance, and the Politics of Moving Together

Golubev, Alexey
History  University of Toronto Selling Knowledge to the Masses: Gnoseological Propaganda in the post-World War II Soviet Union

Haley, Brendan
Urban And Regional Studies, Environmental Studies Dalhousie University Maximizing Canada's hydroelectric advantage to promote low-carbon systems of innovation: lessons from the renewable energy sector in Nova Scotia

Kille, David
Psychology Columbia University Creating effective role models: Identifying a process by which role models motivate their audience

Landry, Jean-Michel
Anthropology McGill University Islamic Law Within and Beyond the State: Shi'i Divorce Adjudication and State-Produced Injustice in Lebanon

Lefort-Favreau, Julien
Literature, Modern Languages And Université de Sherbrooke Une histoire de l'engagement intellectuel en France depuis 1959 : la responsabilité politique de l'éditeur

Li, Miao
Education  Harvard University Distinguishing Learning Disabilities from Language Acquisition in English Language Learners

Lougheed, Jessica
Psychology Pennsylvania State University Parent-Child Dynamics in Infancy and Early Childhood: Bridging the Theory-Method Gap

McArthur, Brae Anne
Psychology Temple University Understanding Emotion Regulation as a Mechanism to Foster Well-Being across Adolescent Development: An Interactive Effect

McKendry, Andrew
Literature, Modern Languages And McMaster University Narratives of Toleration in Late Seventeenth-Century England

Metcalfe, Jessica
Archaeology  University of British Columbia Human-bison interactions and environmental conditions at the Late Prehistoric Promontory Caves, Utah: Implications for Athapaskan transitions from the Subarctic to the Southwest

Peacocke, Emma
Literature, Modern Languages And Queen's University Romanticism and the University

Pennycook, Gordon
Psychology Yale University Testing a three-stage dual-process model of cooperative cognition

Qashu, Leila
Interdisciplinary Studies Concordia University Digital Representations of Resistance: Marriage by Abduction and Young Arsi Women's Expressive Strategies for Change in Ethiopia

Riley, Liam
Geography  Wilfrid Laurier University Food security and gender equality in African cities: Exploring the role of local governance

Rosenoff Gauvin, Lara
Anthropology McGill University "We Are Sons and Daughters of Bwoc": Community Knowledge Translation and Land Rights in Rural Post-Conflict Northern Uganda

Roy-Baillargeon, Olivier
Urban And Regional Studies, Environmental Studies University of Waterloo Between Car-Dependent Dispersion and Transit-Oriented Intensification: Provincial Intervention in Regional Transportation and Land Use Planning in Montreal and Toronto, 1945-2015

Smith, Sarah
Fine Arts  University of Alberta Commodity Culture: UNESCO, Heritage and the Creation of International Cultural Policy

Thompson, Cheryl
Fine Arts  University of Toronto Visualizing Blackface Minstrelsy in Canada: Seeing Race, Negotiating Identities, 1890-1959

Ue, Tom
Literature, Modern Languages And University of Toronto Between Happiness and Misery: Bentham, Dickens, and Debt
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